Different Effective Dog Training Techniques

More and more individuals have joined the bandwagon of dog owners. Certainly, the appeal of dogs have captured the attention and interest of numerous individuals. However, most individuals who have decided to own a dog have not taken into consideration the serious responsibilities and consequences involved. It is the primary responsibility of a dog owner to provide effective proper training for his or her pet. The effective dog training is necessary to build a harmonious relationship between the dog owner and the pet. You always have to remember that your responsibility as a dog owner starts the moment you get your dog from the pet shop or from the rescue home. To minimize conflicts and misunderstandings in your relationship with your pet, you have to establish your authority as the pack leader and your dog should fully understand what you want your pet to do.

One of the techniques that has increased in popularity over the last decade is dog whispering. However, before you use this technique, you need a careful and close observation of your pet’s behavior and actions. Dog whispering is not as simple as its literal meaning seems to be. Dog whispering actually requires ‘going beyond your dog’s mind’.

Dog whispering is rooted on the foundations of animal psychology. To be effective and successful in dog whispering, you need to understand the body language, non-verbal expressions and behavior patterns of your pet. You have to integrate learning theories in understanding the natural behavior of your pet. Thus, dog whispering can be considered as an overall dog philosophy and an effective dog training technique. Once you understand what the actions of your dog mean and how your pet thinks, you will be able to respond to certain situations more appropriately. With this understanding, you will be able to see right through your pet’s personality and behavior. You can also adjust your own body language and actions to build a connection with your pet. Indeed, dog whispering is a combination of effective communication and positive reinforcement.

Dog whispering is also anchored on the basic guideline of establishing authority. You need to assert that you are the pack leader. You need to make your pet realize that you are someone reliable, confident and capable. Your image as the pack leader is necessary to make your pet follow and abide by your commands. If you fail in establishing your authority as the pack leader, your pet will take over the opportunity and will do anything. This guideline also takes into consideration the nature of dogs as pack animals. They always need an alpha image to lead or tell them what to do. As the pack leader and dog owner, you also need to make your pet feel secured and protected. In this way, your dog will rely on you for protection from danger and threats. Once you establish your dominance, your pet will no longer ignore your instructions.

As a dog owner, you have to balance being firm and being calm. Thus, you have to instill discipline while showering positive and loving affection. Do not be so violent and rigid because your dog will eventually be rebellious and aggressive towards you. Avoid being too gentle and soft as well because your dog will never learn to follow and obey your commands. The ultimate goal of dog whispering is to rear your dog to be a happy and obedient pet.

Dog whispering is not an easy task. It also has its own challenges and difficulties. When dog whispering already tests your patience, always keep your temper under control. Maintain a calm demeanor and stay composed. Be patient and do not assume that it will only take an overnight. More than one session will definitely be necessary before you see your expected results. Positive reinforcement is also an important factor in a successful dog training. This will make your dog feel motivated and encouraged to learn the behavior you intend to teach. Avoid negative and violent behaviors such as shouting and physical punishments. These actions will just provoke further negative behaviors in your pet. You also have to be careful of your non-verbal behaviors and hand gestures since these modes of communication are more powerful expressions in effective dog training.

Canines can communicate with other canines and with people through movements and body language. Since no words are involved, it is necessary that dog trainers who use dog whispering must have an overview of animal psychology and the dog’s behavior patterns. You should be able to understand what your pet is trying to tell you through gestures and sounds. Lack of understanding of animal psychology may lead you to misinterpret or ignore the message conveyed by your pet. When you ignore your pet’s communication attempts, the dog may resort to extreme modes such as barking excessively to get the message across.

The best mode of communication with a dog is through eye contact. By looking through the eyes of your pet, you get a more personal and empathic understanding of your pet’s expressions. Always maintain eye contact while giving physical and verbal cues to your pet. Do not just stare at your dog because most dogs do not like the feeling of being stared at. Stares, especially coming from humans, make dogs feel threatened and frightened. Avoid plain stares to a dog who does not know you yet.

A lot of dog owners also commit mistakes in dog whispering. One common mistake is pretending to be a dog. Always remember that dogs are very smart and can detect whether you are a dog or a human. Thus, you do not have to crawl down on four legs or pretend to be wagging a tail. Soon enough, your pet will also be able to understand body language. Pretending to be a dog in the process of dog whispering may just work to your disadvantage instead of help in making your effective dog training more successful.

Always treat your dog in a respectful and dignified manner. Give your pet enough freedom without getting to the extent of spoiling. Dogs also do not like the feeling of being restricted and constrained too much. However, you also need to instill discipline to ensure your pet does not do any displeasing and inappropriate behavior. Introduce your authority in a non-violent and non-threatening manner. If you need to induce your dog’s movement, make sure your touches do not seem violent and threatening. With the right methods, appropriate approach and proper perspective, dog whispering can be help your effective dog training your dog to be a responsible member of the canine society.

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